DNS Re-Delegation Request


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DNS Re-Delegation

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DNS Re-Delegation Request

The form below is to request that the dns pointers of your domain name (nameservers) be re-delegated to the correct nameservers for your account held with bizwebspace.com.au. You only need to fill out this request if:

  1. You have a domain name already registered and
  2. You have filled out a web hosting order form and applied to host your domain name with bizwebspace.com.au and
  3. Your web hosting account has been paid for.

We will not make any changes to your dns settings unless or until all of the above conditions have been met.

By submitting this dns change request you verify that:

  1. You are the legal registered owner of this domain name or
  2. You are authorised by the legal registered owner of the domain name to submit these changes and
  3. You agree that SOHO Technology Solutions Pty Ltd will not be held liable for the loss of any data or business arising from the submission of these changes.

NOTE: In order for us to complete this request you will be required to supply us with your domain name account Username and domain name account Password.

**Your Name:
**E-mail address:
**Your domain name:
(e.g. yourdomain.com, include extension)
Registrar or website where domain name registered:
URL of domain name registrar:
**Domain name account username:
**Domain name account password or registry key:
Any thing else you would like us to know:
** Required fields.
Please ensure e-mail address is correct before submitting form.

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DNS Re-Delegation Request