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Information on Managing Your Email

1. How do I set up my email accounts?
2. How do I setup Autoresponders/Autoreply?
3. What is my email address?
4. How do I add more unique POP accounts?
5. How do I add an email alias/forwarding?
6. Where do I find Eudora?

1. How do I set up my email accounts?
Instructions for setting up emails are below:

Step 1. - Click the following link to go to the Plesk administrator control panel, or cut & paste the URL into your web browser You may get a security alert asking if you want to proceed. Click "Yes"

Step 2. - Login to the control panel with the username & password contained in the setup email you received when we set up your web hosting account.

Step 3. - Once you are logged in to the control panel there is a mail icon. Click on the mail icon to manage your email addresses.

Step 4 - After adding a new email address & setting the options for it, be sure to click on the "UPDATE" button at the bottom the page to save the settings.

Step 5 - After adding all of the email addresses you wish to add, click on the "LOG OUT" button to log out of the control panel.

Step 6. - Once you have created the email addresses, you need to make certain that your e-mail client has the correct settings for sending & receiving email. These are the instructions for MS Outlook Express.
1. Open Outlook Express
2. On the menu bar at the top, click on tools, and then accounts.
3. Click on the email account you wish to check the settings for, and then click on the "Properties" button
4. Under the Servers tab, you will have Incoming Mail (POP3). Set this to yourdomainname.ext
5. Outgoing Mail (SMTP) should be set to the SMTP of the ISP (Internet Service Provider)
6. The username is the first part of the e-mail address, e.g. info@yourdomainname.ext would have a username of 'info'
7. The password is the password that you set up for the corresponding email address in the administrator control panel

2. How do I setup Autoresponders/Autoreply?
In the /siteadmin/ screen choose the blue Mail Envelope Icon next to the username with the email address that will be auto responded to. Click on the vacation/autoresponder box and insert your message. The box is small, but it can fit as much information as you would like.

3. What is my E-mail address?
This information is supplied when we do setup for your account. It will be: (.com will be .net, .org, etc.) Your incoming email server (host) will be: Your outgoing email server (host) will be provided by your Internet Access Provider.

4. How do I add more unique POP accounts?
Create a user with a unique email address. You do this by:

Choose "Add user" from User Management under /siteadmin/
Create the user. Don't allow telnet/siteadmin access. Leave email alias blank.
Use LIST MANAGEMENT on your /siteadmin/ screen. This is more of a forwarding service - forward to your desired location.
If you add the alias (no you will receive ALL email sent to ??? . This way no email sent to your domain will be lost. You can tell people to email sales, webmaster, etc. and all the email sent to these address will go to your in box.

5. How do I add an email alias/forwarding?
Here's how : Go to "List Management" in /siteadmin/.
Choose "Add mail list".
Mailing list name is name email will be sent to.
"Recipients" is where the messages sent to this email alias will go.
Example :
Let's say you want to create an alias at and you want this to automatically be forwarded to billy's email address SO, the mailing list "name" will be billy, and the "recipients" will be Leave the aliases box of the mailing list blank.

6. Where can I find Eudora?
I am looking for a good software package to check my email from my virtual host. I've heard Eudora is good. Where can I download a copy?

Eudora is one of many good client software packages that will check your email. You can download a shareware version from Qualcomm at

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Email Faq