Roles In Business

Each type of company has lead positions that entail the position holder to drive in sales and income for the company’s earnings. If a company largely depends on sales of products and services, it is but obvious that a sales department is very essential in the survival of the company. It is quite common to get in a sales department and be faced with lots and lots of sales activities and actions to be able to seal a deal. In this department, sales assistant jobs are very important to fill because people in this position are the ones that bring life to the department. They are often very busy attending to different customers to provide assistance and give product information.

Three of the manager’s roles come into play when the manager must engage in interpersonal relationships. However, establishing expectations regarding work quality, decision-making responsibility, or time commitments to the job are all outcomes of the leader role that are indirectly related to subordinates.

Hiring, training, and motivating may all require direct contact with subordinates. Ultimately, the liaison role enables a manager to develop a network for obtaining external information which can be useful for completing current and future work activities. The figurehead role is enacted when activity of a ceremonial nature is required within the organization. The leader role may be exercised in a direct or an indirect manner. Managers must wear many different hats in formulating and implementing task activities related to their positions.

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