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Order Virtual Private Server Hosting

To order virtual Private server hosting, select the plan you want to order from the table below, and click on the appropriate order button. You will then be re-directed to the appropriate order form. Fill out the order form, and once it is submitted you will be given your payment options and instructions on how to pay. Once your payment is received we will set up your web hosting account on the same or next business day.

Payment options: You can pay be cheque, money order or direct bank deposit 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly.

You can also pay by Visa Card or Mastercard through WorldPay: monthly, 3 monthly, 6 monthly or yearly.

All pricing is in Australian dollars and includes GST.

Plan Monthly
Data Transfer
Mini VPS
AU$49.50 setup
AU$29.70 120mb 1000mb 32 mb 704 KB
High Bandwidth (HB) Series VPS - All HB Series VPS utilise SCSI Raid 5 hard drive arrays.
AU$99.00 setup
AU$55.00 200 mb 20 gig 128 mb 1840 kb
AU$99.00 setup
AU$79.20 400 mb 30 gig 128 mb 2249 kb
AU$99.00 setup
AU$110.00 600 mb 50 gig 160 mb 2658 kb
AU$119.90 setup
AU$132.00 800 mb 80 gig 192 mb 3067 kb
AU$149.60 setup
AU$279.40 1,000 mb 150 gig 224 mb 3476 kb
Large Disk (LD10) Series VPS - The LD Series VPS utilise less expensive IDE hard drives.
AU$99.00 setup
AU$66.00 1,000 mb 10 gig 128 mb 2765 kb
AU$99.00 setup
AU$88.00 2,000 mb 10 gig 144 mb 3689 kb
AU$99.00 setup
AU$110.00 5,000 mb 10 gig 176 mb 4614 kb
AU$119.90 setup
AU$165.00 10,000 mb 10 gig 224 mb 9237 kb
Large Disk (LD20) Series VPS - The LD Series VPS utilise less expensive IDE hard drives.
AU$99.00 setup
AU$110.00 1,000 mb 20 gig 160 mb 4614 kb
AU$119.90 setup
AU$132.00 2,000 mb 20 gig 192 mb 5538 kb
AU$119.90 setup
AU$165.00 5,000 mb 20 gig 208 mb 7388 kb
AU$119.90 setup
AU$220.00 10,000 mb 20 gig 272 mb 21257 kb

Our Virtual Private Servers are based on Red Hat Linux 7.1. They are great for those who need the flexibility and control of a Private server with a much smaller price tag. Configurations and software can be customized to suit the specific needs of the customer. Between 70MB and 142MB of disk space will be used by system files depending on the options selected.

Included Apps

  • System Administrator Control Panel
  • Workgroup Administrator Control Panel
  • SSH
  • HSPcomplete MyControlPanel 2.0
  • ProFTP server 1.2.2
Optional Applications Setup fee Monthly fee
FrontPage Server Extensions 2002 v.5.0.2 Free Free
Mod_perl apache module 1.24 Free $1.00
SSL for Apache 2.8.9 Free Free
PostgreSQL 7.0.3 Free $1.00
Usermin 0.920 Free $1.00
PHP 4.1.1 Free $1.00
MySQL server 3.23 Free $1.00
Open WebMail 1.65 Free Free
Sl Webalizer 7.1 2.0.2 Free Free
Webmin 0.980 Free $1.00
Majordomo 1.94 with Autoresponder 1.14 Free Free

Virtual Private Server Support

  • Support by E-mail : Yes
  • Support by Web Based Forum : Yes
  • Basic Operating System Support : Yes
  • Standard Control Panel Support : Yes
  • Third-Party Software and Scripts Technical Support : No
  • Kernel Recompile or Upgrade Technical Support : No
  • System Software Recompile or Upgrade Technical Support : No
  • Fee-Based Support for "Unsupported" Items Available : Yes
Network Features
  • 24/7 Network Monitoring : Yes
  • Multiple Ultra-Fast Backbone Connections : Yes
  • Multi-homed non-Cogent Backbone Connectivity : Yes
  • Internally Redundant Router (Cisco 7206VXR) : Yes
  • 100Mbit/sec Switched Network : Yes
  • Redundant Copper and Fiber-Optic Feeds to Building : Yes
  • Routing Through Geographically Dispersed Tier 1 Backbone POPs : Yes
Standard Features
  • Battery Backup Power : Yes
  • Generator Backup Power : Yes
  • Friendly Billing Staff : Yes
Server Features
  • Dell PowerEdge 2500 Servers : Yes
  • 1.4GHz Pentium III with 512Kb Cache (Expandable to Dual CPU) : Yes
  • 1GB PC133 ECC SDRAM Main System RAM (Expandable to 6GB) : Yes
  • 144GB Ultra160 SCSI 10K RPM RAID 5 Data Storage : Yes
  • 128MB Battery Backed-up RAID Controller Cache : Yes
  • All Hard Drives Hot-Swappable with no downtime : Yes
  • Redundant Power Input : Yes
  • Redundant Hot-Swappable Load-Sharing Power Supplies : Yes
  • Four Hot-Swappable Cooling Fans : Yes

To see all of the features of our virtual private server web hosting plans click here.

Don't need the power of Virtual Private Server Hosting? Try out our business web hosting plans.

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